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Sia attracts criticism with ‘creepy’ music video

Australian singer-songwriter Sia has drawn heavy criticism this week over the music video for her latest single, ‘Elastic Heart’. Critics say the video has “perverted

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E-cigarettes: The product of 2014

It has been confirmed that e-cigarettes experienced the largest sales growth throughout 2014, with Sports nutrition products just behind. This data collected by Nielsen has been released shortly

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Hatred: Should it be banned?

In October, Polish video game developers Destructive Creations released the gameplay trailer for isometric shooter, Hatred, which is due for release on PC in 2015. Labelled  ‘the most

Kim Dotcom saved Christmas for gamers everywhere by striking a deal with hacking group Lizard Squad
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How Kim Dotcom saved Christmas for gamers everywhere

Yesterday, hacking group Lizard Squad spoiled Christmas for gamers everywhere by bringing down Xbox Live and the Playstation Network in simultaneous DDoS attacks. In a stranger-than-fiction


This Marvel vs DC fan-made trailer is a video editing masterpiece

Ever wondered what would happen if DC’s Batman threw down with Marvel’s Spider-Man on the silver screen? If Thor took on Superman? If Hulk smashed Flash? Well, keep on wondering,

PS4 and Xbox One online networks are both down to apparent DDoS attacks
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Xbox Live and Playstation Network both down on Christmas Day

Bad news if you received a PS4 or Xbox One this Christmas, because it looks like playing online might have to wait. Reports on Twitter say Microsoft’s Xbox Live and Sony’s Playstation

The Interview is now available to rent or purchase online

Sony Pictures releases The Interview online

Following weeks of brand-damaging leaks and cyber attacks by hackers believed to have links with North Korea, Sony Pictures have finally released political comedy The Interview. At 10:00 a.m. (or